Exiled #1 Reviews

Multiversity Comics: "Couple that with the splendid plotting and gorgeous art, and you get what could be the sleeper hit of the spring." 80

Paradox Comics: "A must have for followers of Journey, and I'm guessing it'll be required reading for New Mutants fans too." 80

Weekly Comic Book Reviews: "This is clearly a set-up issue, so I expect it'll all be uphill from here!" 75

Outer Realm Comics: "There is plenty of potential in here to make up for this rocky start." 74

Comicosity: 70

iFanBoy: "Solid start, solid art, and if you're a fan pick it up at the mart." 70 

IGN: "It's hard to care or be concerned about anything because you have to spend most of the time assembling all the various pieces of the puzzle." 65

X-Man's Comic Blog: "This was a huge disappointment..." 30

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