Wolverine and the X-Men #10

CONSENSUS: Everyone was agreed that Wolverine and the X-Men #11 had a great story that goes for character development rather than non-stop fighting. Although a criticism many found was with Bachalo's art - but others loved it - so let's call it an acquired taste....

Comic Vine: "Nothing bad here. Amazing art and story; can't wait for next issue." 100

IGN: "If you're following the X-Men - even casually - this is a must buy. Simple as that." 90

BAMFAS: "It's a great lead in for the wider picturebuilding up and helpsbreak it away from just the direct dispute of Cap, Iron Man and Cyclops butting heads." 80

iFanBoy: 80

A Comic Book Blog: "Decent character development and nice tension building issue between Cyclops and Wolverine. But Bachalo has the artistic style of a kindergartener picking up a crayon for the first time." 70 

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