Batwoman #12 Review

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CBR: "There's nothing quite like having Williams draw "Batwoman." His and Blackman's stories just shine a little more under their care, and the book changes from a "really want to read" to a "must read" in terms of priority. Great stuff from the duo, once again." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Comicosity: "Diana is every bit as compelling and ferocious as she is in her own title, but knowing that the two heroes are on their way to being fast friends? That’s been well worth waiting for." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

IGN: "I was expecting this book to be an improvement, but I wasn't expecting it to be this good. The new dynamics between characters, the return of J.H. Williams III on art, and the potential represented by the Wonder Woman team-up have me as excited about this book as I am about any other book on the shelves." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Crave Online: "Batwoman feels like it's back in the saddle again - not that it was ever really off. It still feels like a breath of fresh air for the series, though, and come on - Batwoman and Wonder Woman. That's gonna be a cool team-up no matter how you slice it." 85 -- Click Here for full review!

Multiversity Comics: "“Batwoman” hasn’t had a perfect run so far, but this encounter with Wonder Woman, while slightly arbitrary, is being handled with flair. This will be an arc worth following." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

Gotham Knights Online: "A fun, return to form issue, with beautiful art." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

Paradox Comics Group: "After a year, I'm a little wary at how long the Medusa plot has gone on for (especially seeing that Williams teased that the next arc was an espionage tale) but the sheer beauty of this title keeps it on my pull-list." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

Newsarama: "A year is a long time to wait for payoff, but for those who have been dizzied by previous issues — here's to seeing clearly." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

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