Captain Marvel #2 Review

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IGN: "It's nice to see a different kind of monthly title from Marvel. I have never been a Carol Danvers fan, but as long as Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy are handling her adventures, I'll be picking up every issue. Marvel needs to take more chances like this, because -- in the case of Captain Marvel, at least -- it has totally paid off." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Multiversity Comics: "Without a way back to the modern era, this book appears to be set in the past for the time being which, again, continues to distinguish itself from most of the other books on the shelves." 85 -- Click Here for full review!

A Comic Book Blog: "It really is a perfect combination of a different type of superheroine plot and different type of art melding together for a particularly unique book." 85 -- Click here for full review!

Marvel Disassembled: "Hopefully people can and will see the potential that this book has for the future because aside from it having some diversity, a complaint that a lot of people have not just with MARVEL but also DC the success of good books like this can help to make them more willing to take gambles in the future." 85 -- Click Here for full review!

Crave Online: "It's fun. It's cool. Soy's art, again, is very hit or miss - sometimes cool, sometimes excessively murky - but it's a good time to be had here with Captain Marvel. I'm stickin' with it." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

CBR: "If you missed #1, you can and should definitely buy in on this issue. A really fun superhero tale awaits." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

Major Spoilers: "I’m happy to see Captain Marvel getting a good start, even as I’m leery of the cover-versus-interiors problem…" 70 -- Click Here for full review!

Science Fiction: "It’s well-written, but a bit slowly paced and heavy on talk and a bit light on action.  I want very much to like this series, but I’m still waiting to be wowed." 50 -- Click Here for full review!

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