The Avengers #29 Review

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Blue Raven Comics: "With Bendis’ tenure on the Avengers books winding down, I would imagine that he wants to cover a lot in the short time he has left. I, for one, will be sad to see him go." 85 -- Click here for full review!

Marvel Disassembled: "I have criticised Simonson in recent past because of some of the outright goofy expressions that he drew onto several characters, in particular The Protector. However as I read this issue I’m not going to lie it is starting to grow on me. Probably because he has cut out the goofy faces." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

A Comic Book Blog: "Good art and clear plot. Unfortunately, that same plot has already been seen." 65 -- Click Here for full review!

Weekly Comic Book Review: " A complete waste of time for everyone involved." 55 -- Click Here for full review!

IGN: " As far as crossovers go, this is the worst kind." 50 -- Click Here for full review!

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