Avengers vs. X-Men #12 Review

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A Comic Book Blog: "Well paced. Exciting. Sets up the beginning of Marvel NOW! well. Art is phenomenal. Victor feels the ending is a slight cop out." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Weekly Comic Book Review: "It’s not the greatest comic in itself, but there’s something innately satisfying about this issue that feels like a weight’s been lifted by the end of it." 75 -- Click Here for full review!

Major Spoilers: "Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 avoids some of the bigger pitfalls, with some excellent dialogue and good work on art." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

CBR: "It's not necessarily the finale the previous issues lead to -- but it's probably the finale the creative minds (and fans) were hoping for." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

Crave Online: "In five years, when comics are back in an early '90s sensibility where the writer takes a distant backseat to the artist, people will point to AvX and say “Yep, that’s really when it all started”." 70 -- Click Here for full review!

IGN: "The final issue of Avengers vs. X-Men delivers an epic but sometimes emotionally underwhelming finish." 69 -- Click Here for full review!

Unleash the Fanboy: "Avengers vs X-Men #12 is a solid issue that finishes the established formula of the series but ultimately fails to go big in it’s conclusion.  In the end the superheroes argued, they fought each other, eventually found common ground and they battled to win the day.  And that’s about it.  Despite any narrative misgivings as it relates to the event as a whole, the end product of this release still squeaks by with a light recommendation." 60 -- Click Here for full review!

Multiversity Comics: "Go ahead and buy it if you’ve made it this far. Otherwise, let’s just shake it off and move into Marvel NOW!" 55 -- Click Here for full review!

What Culture: "Marvel NOW! is just around the corner and I’m hoping it’s a reshuffle that uses the Marvel strengths (it’s characters) to full effect rather than just giving a fresh lick of paint to the same old issues I have with modern post movie success Marvel Comics. Time will tell but I don’t think I have enough patience to last it out if it’s not a instant change for the better." 40 -- Click Here for full review!

Inside Pulse: "Can we all agree that event writing by committee with a different writer doing every issue is the worst idea ever? Nothing ever seemed to really get rolling at any point in time, they just kept throwing plots and ideas at us and hoping." 40 -- Click Here for full review!

Comic Book Movie: "An absolutely terrible end to a disappointing event, Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the series. Despite a few half-decent character moments, this issue has left this particular fan saying "No Thanks" to Marvel NOW!" 10 -- Click Here for full review!

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