Batman Incorporated #4 Review

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Newsarama: "Firing on all cylinders, Batman Incorporated is a fantastic read, both in its story and visuals." 90 -- Click here for full review!

IGN: "This is another entertaining and expertly drawn issue of Batman Incorporated." 88 -- Click here for full review!

Comic Vine: "This issue was pretty much a solid dose of popcorn entertainment. It's sporting a more than unique style as the action fluctuates from fun to downright painful. Throw in some sharp dialogue and an interesting cliffhanger and what you have is an issue well worth your time and money." 80 -- Click here for full review!

Multiversity Comics: "The latest issue of “Batman Incorporated” is what we’d expect from the book at this point: Morrison telling a great story, though not without his occasional flaws of execution, and Chris Burnham cranking out some great comics art. Sure, maybe “what we’d expect” isn’t what some people are looking for in a Morrison comic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good." 75 -- Click here for full review!

Batman-News: "The art is a bit more hurried than usual and the twist at the end was kind of stupid, but it’s an enjoyable albeit fast read and it sets up some interesting (but somewhat confusing for the time being since we won’t see those questions answered until next issue) elements for Batman Incorporated‘s future." 75 -- Click here for full review!

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