Birds of Prey #13 Review

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CBR: ""Birds of Prey" #13 is another strong showing from a fairly dependable comic. Month after month, "Birds of Prey" just plugs away at telling strong stories. Once again, it's succeeded." 70 -- Click here for full review!

IGN: "Romano Molenaar enjoys another solid month following his debut on issue #0. He continues to capture the darker style of Jesus Saiz while simultaneously lending a more freewheeling, energetic touch to his pages. With the scripts growing less satisfying all the time, at least the series still has some selling point to fall back on." 52 -- Click here for full review!

The Batman Universe: "Finishing as I started, and in summary, this was a decent read – certainly not bad but by the same token not quite as good as I'd hoped and expected. Would I recommend picking up the series at the moment? With everything that's happening at the publisher over the coming months then I'd have to say no. Will these single issues make for an enjoyable read when collected? Yes, I believe they will." 40 -- Click here for full review!

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