Catwoman #13 Review

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IGN: "Ann Nocenti began her run on Catwoman with last month's #0 issue. Among that issue's many problems were a pointlessly fractured narrative and an inexplicable attempt to marry nearly every version of Selina Kyle's origins into one bloated whole. Issue #13 at least isn't saddled with all that origin nonsense, but Nocenti once again burdens the book with a jumbled and generally unsatisfying script." 60 -- Click here for full review!

Comic Vine: "Overall, a better start to Nocenti's run than I expected. The issue is well organized and the writing isn't that bad. Really pretty art too." 60 -- Click here for full review!

Unleash the Fanboy: "Catwoman #13 is definitely one to leave off you list this week; even those fantastic cityscapes can’t save it. There’s always a slight chance that future issues will suddenly make this one make sense, but I’m not optimistic. I just have to hope things will improve as Nocenti settles into the book. Fingers crossed." 40 -- Click here for full review!

Batman-News: "As good as the artwork is, I found the comic to be totally incoherent and a waste of both time and money." 25 -- Click here for full review!

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