Swamp Thing #13 Review

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IGN: "The problem with DC's Zero Month event in September was that the flashback issues stalled the progression of a few great books. Most notably, it forced the delay of the Rotworld crossover in Swamp Thing and Animal Man. But luckily, October is here, and now Rotworld is free to unfold. And given how great Swamp Thing has been throughout the New 52, it should come as no surprise that the wait was well worth it." 88 -- Click Here for full review!

Newsarama: "Events seem everywhere this October, so make sure you don't miss this one." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

CBR: "This is truly the first chapter of "Rotworld," so I am certain Snyder and Paquette will distance themselves appropriately, providing an entertaining and haunting story along the way." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

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