The Walking Dead #103 Review

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A Comic Book Blog: "I already can’t wait for #104!" 90 -- Click here for full review!

IGN: "Still, I would really prefer slower shipping on this book if it meant Adlard and Rathburn had the time to deliver work on par with issue #100." 81 -- Click here for full review!

Science Fiction: "Another great issue, but it’s infuriatingly slow and obviously part of the larger storyline.  Robert Kirkman is agonizingly teasing the readers, who are all thirsty for revenge… bloody, bloody revenge… but rather than delivering that satisfaction, he piles on more and more reasons to WANT that revenge.  It sucks, but at the same time, it’s brilliant." 80 -- Click here for 
full review!

Read Comic Books: "My recommendation is to check this title out, and start reading the back issues whichever way you can." 80 -- Click here for full review!

Weekly Comic Book Review: "A lot of good character work, but “not a lot happens.”  Not a particularly happy issue either." 75 -- Click here for full review!

The Daily Blam: "But the issue is a tense and suspenseful return to form after what I believed to be a lackluster #102. I'm all for quiet issues as long as they drive the story forward and #103 manages to do that really well." 70 -- Click here for full review!

Crave Online: "At this point, Kirkman would be better to wind down Walking Dead as opposed to spending two hundred more issues with Rick and the gang meeting people who are assholes and fighting them. The Negan storyline may end with some “shocking twist” but at this point, who cares? And I still hate the art." 40 -- Click here for full review!

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