Batgirl #9 Review

CONSENSUS: This book has critics split down the middle. While many are calling it one of the best issues of the new Batgirl series and a great start to a new story arc, others found the fight between Batgirl and Talon underwhelming, and thought that Gail Simone hadn't quite understood the Talon's plan. So give it a try if you've got some spare change, or if your budget's tight maybe you'd be better off passing for now.

IGN: "You've got Simone effectively channelling the feel of Nolan's The Dark Knight." 90

Crave Online: 90

Newsarama: "It seems Simone and Syaf have been building this character through the past 8 issues, and with Batgirl #9 readers get to see what Batgirl has become." 90

The Batman Universe: "In summary, this was a very good first part of a new story arc - with themes continued from previous issues, 'new' characters introduced, a number of clues indicating the direction the story could be heading, and an ending that leaves me keen for the next issues." 80

iFanBoy: 70

What Culture!: 60

CBR: "One need not stray from this title to understand the danger Batgirl faces and to enjoy the story Gail Simone and company deliver." 60

Batman-News: "I say skip this one, and if Batgirl doesn't clean up its act soon - drop the series from your pull-list entirely." 30

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