Batman & Robin #9 Review

CONSENSUS: While some found this book to be a must-buy for fans of Damian Wayne, others thought of it as merely a filler issue that features very little to remember. Fun, but flawed.

Comic Vine: "If this issue doesn't make you hunger for a solo Damian book, I don't know what will." 80

Outer Realm Comics: "Batman and Robin #9 is a filler issue, no doubt about that, and it reads like one." 74

IGN: "This book delivers on its promise of a stand-alone tale but falls short of making it one to remember." 70

Josh on Comics: "Fun reading, but hardly essential." 70

What Culture!: 60

Multiversity Comics: "Buy if you're a Damian superfan; browse if you want to see the 1770's Talon design." 56

CBR: "Ultimately it feels like it's just missing the mark a bit; not bad, but should have been a whole lot better than the final product." 50

Batman-News: "It's pretty forgettable, but far better than this week's "Batgirl" or last week's "Detective Comics" entry to the Night of the Owls saga." 50

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