Deathstroke #9 Review

CONSENSUS: Deathstroke #9 is a book that suffers from mediocre art that is littered with mistakes. Many also dislike the story that Liefeld is building towards calling it old-fashioned, and with a script that faults in places. Read the reviews by clicking read more! 

Multiversity Comics: "I still maintain my theory that Liefeld is brought onto dying books to put them out of their misery." 50

Comic Vine: "Overall, I do not recommend Deathstroke #9, unless you're a die-hard Deathstroke fan. There's nothing new or innovative in this issue for The New 52. It's the same old stuff we've read before." 40

iFanBoy: 40

CBR: "All Deathstroke is able to terminate in this issue, is my interest in ever picking this book up again." 0

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