Superboy #9 Review

CONSENSUS: This crossover with Teen Titans and Legion Lost has continued the losing streak that Superboy seems to have. While some critics found the art to be great at times, they said that there were also moments where it looked boring - making the fight scenes that should have been awesome, look awkward and uninteresting. Meanwhile, the story was filled with generic foes that you really don't care about, and the dialogue clumsy in places.

IGN: "It doesn't feel like a huge fight between two super-powered groups; it's a little bit boring." 55

iFanBoy: "Time for a NEW New 52 where quality characters like Superboy and the Teen Titans who got squandered in the initial relaunch, get the stories and creative teams they deserve." 40

Major Spoilers: 40

CBR: "If I was a new reader to this title and decided to start with "The Culling", I doubt I'd return next month." 30

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