Earth 2 #1 Review

Inside Pulse: "One of the best debut issues I've ever read." 100

iFanBoy: "It's a little narration box heavy at the beginning, but Robinson makes it payoff by the end." 100

A Comic Book Blog: "The chance to see the entire story of a DCU in one place." 85

Crave Online: 85

Comic Vine: 80

Super Podcasto Magnifico: "Better than the Justice League debut? Dare I say it? Yes. Yes it was." 80

Comicosity: 80

Comic Book 75

CBR: "It's good enough to read a second issue, but hopefully the pace will pick up a bit more there." 70

Paradox Comics: "I'll probably stick with this Earth rather than Justice League." 70

IGN: "The result is a fairly engaging read, though a very oddly paced one that left me feeling as though the most interesting bits of this story had been skipped.65

Comic Book Therapy: "Earth 2 #1 could have been a hell of a lot better, but it also could have been worse. It's a book to watch in the future, to see if the quality improves." 60

Eye on Comics: 60

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