G.I Combat #1 Reviews

Comic Vine: "It may not be a superhero book, but don't let that fool you. This is just as strong, if not stronger than many of the DCnU books out." 80

Crave Online: "So G.I Combat is a tale of two tales. One is shrug-worthy, but with potential, and the other is pretty engrossing. It's worth your time." 75

CBR: "The dinosaurs drew me in, but the stories delivered here will bring me back." 70

A Comic Book Blog: "The art of both stories is good. The Unknown Soldier story steals the show from the dinosaurs." 65

IGN: 65

iFanBoy: 60

Multiversity Comics: "This book has potential, but until I see anything worth a $4 look on the cover, I'll continue to pass on it." 57

Eye on Comics: "There's some solid craft to be found on G.I Combat, but nothing that's particularly dazzling or memorable." 50

Major Spoilers: "It's not a BAD start, just a halting one, and I hope that these non-superhero properties don't just fade away due to their lack of capes and tights." 40

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