Saga #6 Review

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Comic Vine: "If you're adding any book to your pull list, make it Saga." 100 -- Click Here for full review!

IGN: "It's going to be a long wait until #7, but become entirely clear that it will be worth it." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Unleash the Fanboy: "As with previous issues, Saga #6 also leaves on a cliffhanger of sorts. Its not exactly dramatic, but it does leave you eagerly awaiting for the next issue. The pacing in this title feels right; it can take its time in areas, but it always gives you something in the mean time." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Newsarama: "Staples' art is so wildly imaginative and expressive that I am visually thrilled to the bone at every page turn. Saga #6 is an enjoyable and unique comic reading experience." 90 -- Click Here for full review!

Multiversity Comics: "Buy, and tell all your comic-shy friends about the trade!" 88 -- Click Here for full review!

Comic Bastards: "The book is good. The writing and the art is what we’ve all come to expect and the best part is that it ships on time. If you’re not reading Image Comics’ second highest selling comic book then really you should be." 80 -- Click Here for full review!

Paradox Comics Group: "The collected edition is out shortly and comes at a bargain price; I suggest that you climb aboard!" 80 -- Click Here for full review!

Comic Book Therapy: "Series like Saga are the bane of a comic reviewer’s existence.  It’s hard to find new ways to say “this book is great” each and every month.  Saga is a great book that should be read by each and every comic reader.  Much like Y: the Last Man, this book has the makings of greatness.  It might not live up to Y, but it’s going to try it’s hardest." 80 -- Click Here for full review! 

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