The Ravagers #1 Review

CONSENSUS: The Ravagers is the weakest book to come out of The New 52's second wave. While it has a concept with potential and could possibly improve in the next few months, this issue ended up a mess. Almost all critics agreed that Ravagers has a clich├ęd and sloppy script, as well as some very mediocre art. Not to mention that it's very unfriendly, and difficult to follow for those who haven't been following 'The Culling' in the pages of Superboy/Teen Titans. To put it simply, The Ravagers is one to miss.

Multiversity Comics: "It isn't exactly the type of book I find myself wanting to read, but the execution is pretty hard to argue with." 81

Comic Vine: "Its great to see Howard Mackie back in comics. I'm not sure where he's been but I know the series is in safe hands with Mackie and Churchill." 80

I Got Superpowers: "It will take some luck and maybe a miracle to escape the clutches of Warblade and Rose Wilson in the middle of nowhere, it will be good to see how they will get out of this one." 70

IGN: "The Ravagers is off to a decent start. The characters and set-up is enough to warrant the purchase of a couple more issues, if nothing else. Hopefully, this creative team can take these kids to some interesting places and scenarios, away from remnants of The Culling, because it seems like there are cool stories that could be told. Some new costumes would probably help, too." 65

Crave Online: "The Ravagers #1 seems to exist entirely to branch out from the Superboy/Teen Titans storyline and not really to involve new readers. It's just kinda there. Not a yay, not a nay, just a meh." 65

Comicosity: "Hopefully as the book progresses the cloud of confusion may begin to leave my brain and this book will really find its own voice." 60

Inside Pulse: 55

Major Spoilers: "Spinning out of 'The Culling', this issue seems to expect you to have read all that crossover as a compulsory to understanding, which works against the book, and nothing much really happens other than snarling and wholesale murder. Either way, The Ravagers #1 isn't even the example of the Bad Girl 90's excesses that the cover might lead you to believe, it's just not a particularly interesting or well done comic." 30

CBR: "Though not all of the books are likely to be as bad as this one, quite frankly it's surprising that this book made it through to print even without the obvious errors." 20

Eye on Comics: "Mackie has failed to write this as a first issue, ignoring the fact that a debut issue is most definitely going to be many readers' first." 20

Under the Radar: "Just a mess." 20

Super Podcast Magnifico: "What the hell is going on over at DC?" 0

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